Save Juno Beach

Developers in Normandy are planning to build seaside condos on the site of Canada’s D-Day landings. That's not right. If we’re going to preserve the sanctity of this hallowed ground and honour the memory of the soldiers who fought and died on D-Day, we need Canadians like you to speak up so our politicians will step up. Email your Member of Parliament today! Let them know we need their voice to help Save Juno Beach!

Our History

On June 6, 1944...

Canada’s 3rd Infantry Division and 2nd Armoured Brigade landed on Juno Beach, seizing the critical foothold while under intense fire from German defenders. It was an extraordinary example of Canadian military skill, reinforced by countless acts of personal courage. Today, the Juno Beach Centre, Canada’s Second World War museum on the site of the landings, honours their memory, preserving the story of Canadian soldiers who put their lives on hold – or sacrificed them entirely – to fight for a better world. 


Canadians landed or parachuted into Europe on D-Day

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What's This About

Developers Want to Build Condos on Juno Beach.

A questionable municipal land deal has turned over a large portion of Juno Beach to developers who plan to build 70 seaside condos atop this historic site. Pleas from local opposition, attempts to negotiate, and over two years of litigation — which have drained the coffers of the Juno Beach Centre — have fallen on deaf ears and left no real path towards resolution. French authorities are looking the other way and aggressive actions by the developer — despite further court actions — could see shovels in the ground within weeks.  The legacy that our veterans built for future generations may disappear entirely.

Why This Matters

"Lest We Forget" Has to be more than Empty words.

We need to preserve the sanctity of this battlefield to ensure future generations have a place to reflect on the story of the incredible sons who conquered their fear to liberate a country and a continent from that beach. Building luxury seaside condos undermines the duty of memory we owe to those soldiers and it insults their sacrifice. This development is a threat to the Centre that preserves the story of those who fought at such great cost to secure Juno Beach.

What can You do?
What Can You do

Email Your MP Today!

We need the Government of Canada to step in and pressure their French counterparts to repeal the decision to build these condominiums. And we need you to make sure they do! Use the tool below to send an email to your MP today. Let them know that we cannot allow this important part of Canadian history to be swept aside by a French developer to make room for seaside condos.